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Chan has hung up his crown as Drag Queen, Chan-de-leerious, but hes far from done with the drag club The Rainbow Room. Embracing his love of organising hes decided what Ari needs for the club is to host a series of events for the community to take part in.

You dont want to miss the ensuing chaos as Chan, the other queens and several of the other characters from Dead Serious take part in seniors yoga, drag bingo, pottery classes and wine & cheese tasting events all hosted at the club. 

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In the new look newsletter Ive added Vawns reading corner in case youre curious what Ive been reading during the month, which are my favourites and what tropes are my guilty pleasures.

It’s also packed with news, new releases and upcoming events and giveaways.

With all the new rules and changes to social media it’s getting harder to make sure posts reach readers which is why I’m making sure I consistently stay in touch via email, not just to let you know the new releases but to hopefully entertain you and give you access to exclusive content!

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