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Free Valentines Day Bonus Short!

Dead Serious Bonus Short

Hey Guys! For all those of you who are craving more Dusty, the delicious and spectacular drag queen from my novel Dead Serious you're in luck! While you're all waiting so patiently for the next Dead Serious book I thought I'd give you a little something extra told from Dusty's POV. This Valentine's bonus short will be available in my group on 14th Feb 2022, so if you haven't already make sure you join the rest of the BB's in my FB group Cassidy's Bay Boys!

El Dia del Amor

It’s been months since Dusty’s murder. Having resolved her unfinished business, she stepped into the light only to discover the big glitterball in the sky wasn’t for her. Returning to earth as a spirit guide (in training) to take care of her sweet little Tristan sounded like much more fun.

However, existing in the hereafter is a big adjustment and as life goes on around her, she begins to wonder what the hell she’s doing and what her incorporeal future will hold, but when hot, former rugby playing ghost Bruce shows her how to celebrate Valentine’s day, El Dia del Amor style, she begins to realise being dead might not be so bad after all.

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