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What's Tristan up to?

What's next for Dead Serious?

The question I get asked quite a lot at the moment is, will there be another Dead Serious book? The answer is, yes absolutely!

I always intended for Dead Serious to be a series. Possibly between 5-7 books in total, I don't know for sure. I'll have to see where the story takes me. Although I've got storylines penciled in for individual books I'm currently working out the overall series story arc.

The other question I get asked most often is, will the rest of the books continue to follow Tristan and Danny or will it focus on a new couple?

Yes, it will focus on Tristan, Danny and Dusty. The whole premise of the series is resolving unfinished business and it's really Tristan's story through and through. Danny of course will be returning as a permanent fixture in Tristan's life and although he will at some point, I think, have to discover Tristan's secret I feel we haven't really scratched the surface yet with him and I'm looking forward to really developing his character.

That brings us to my beloved Dusty! I fell in love with her the moment she opened her mouth. I knew right from the beginning I was keeping her, she really is the third MC in this series. I love her wardrobe choices and her sassy drag queen persona, but also there are these beautiful moments of vulnerability where you really get to see beneath the false eyelashes and heels.

In case you're wondering, although I'll be introducing you to lots of new characters, the favorites from the first book such as Chan, Madam Viv and Bruce will be returning, jumping in and out of the the rest of the series too!

I hope you're as excited about this series as I am! I'm hoping the next book will be ready for spring 2022, so keep an eye out for Dead Serious Case #2 Mrs Delores Abanathy!

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2 commentaires

Unbelievable lovely book!

funny and straight to the point.

one of my absolute favorite book.

hopefully number 2 is as hilarious as number 1. Is there going to be an audiobook from number 2?


I've been wondering: what is Dusty's gender identity when not in drag? I only read book one, and it remained unclear unless I missed a bit. During the autopsy the pronouns changed from "her" to "him" as Tristan removed the clothing etc. and her official name is still Dustin, but when Tristan and Danny were talking to Dusty's father the narration talked about how difficult it was for her father to accept Dusty's identity. I've always gathered that you can be a drag queen, no matter your gender or your sexual identity, as it's a performance/role and not an identity in itself (in comparison to trans people, who are not performing ... unless they are doing drag). I don't think…

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