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In other news, I’m launching my very first kickstarter campaign! I’m so excited about this. The world of Dead Serious is just growing and growing with no signs of slowing down. There is so much scope for more main story arcs, spinoffs and extras, and I’m so glad because, I don’t know about you, but I love Tristan, Danny, Dusty and all the new characters!

The campaign is being planned out at the moment to launch on the 1st August 2023. It will run for 28 days, concluding on the 28th August. This campaign is for the expansion of the Dead Serious series and what I am hoping to achieve is the funding to commission original artwork of the characters for an official companion book and also to fund the audios to the series narrated by Joel Leslie (who is amazing!!!)

I’m hard at work at the moment creating lots of new content especially for the campaign as rewards, both digital and physical. Although all the reward tiers will be confirmed before the campaign launches some of the rewards I’m planning to offer are:

  • Downloadable posters and bookmarks.

  • Backgrounds/Wallpapers for desktop/tablet/phone

  • Vellum page inserts

  • Dusty’s letters to her father

  • Blooper Reels

  • Key scenes from the books written from another characters POV (i.e Dusty)

  • Chan short story

  • and loads more!

So book mark the 1st August in your diaries, I’ll be adding so much more stuff throughout the whole campaign!

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