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My name is Wendy Saunders, A.K.A Vawn Cassidy which is the pen name I write contemporary & paranormal MM romance under. I'm a British author and I live in Hampshire in the UK with my husband and three children... well... I say children, they're mostly feral teenagers slash almost adults.

I started out as an author back in 2015 writing supernatural & contemporary fantasy as well as romantic suspense and as Wendy Saunders I'm best known for my supernatural series, The Guardians.

My interest in MM started out because I had several same sex couples in my main series and I really wanted to explore their relationships both physically and emotionally, but I wasn't sure how my existing readership would react if I suddenly sprung a gay love story on them.

I started reading within the MM genre and from the first book I was hooked. I absolutely fell in love with the genre and ended up making some wonderful friends, both authors and readers alike. It's been such a warm and welcoming community. I knew then I wanted to write extensively in this genre myself, and ta-dah! my mild mannered, MM obsessed alter-ego Vawn Cassidy was born! 

I released my debut novel Suddenly Beck in the summer of 2021 and had such a wonderful response, but it wasn't until I released my second book, Dead Serious that I was absolutely blown away with the way everyone embraced and loved it! by the time we wrapped 2021 both novels had been nominated for four Goodreads Members Choice awards!

There we go, how I got from there to here. So, feel free to come find me and get to know me on social media, you'll quickly learn I love to chat, especially when it involves anything to do with books and writing!

Vawn Cassidy

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