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Have a frightfully good stay…


Morgan Ashton-Drake hasn’t given his ancestral family home in Yorkshire a second thought in decades, even if it is technically part of his family’s hotel empire. He has a great life in the States, so what if he works eighteen hour days seven days a week? you don’t get and keep a place on the Forbes 500 list unless you’re prepared to sweat blood. 


But when a suspicious death and rather public scandal at his childhood home forces Morgan to return to England for the first time in years he’s determined to close the hotel which has been a millstone around his family’s neck for centuries. What he didn’t count on was the seriously cute little blonde disaster who seems to be single handedly running his grandfather’s hotel.


Ellis Sparks has worked at the Ashton-Drake Manor House Hotel since he was sixteen and he loves it from the bottom of his soul. Always the eternal optimist and ray of sunshine, he’s never met a frown he can’t turn upside down, that is until he meets Morgan Ashton-Drake the grumpy, silver fox grandson of his employer. 


With barely any staff and unable to attract or keep guests, Morgan is determined to close the hotel for good and Ellis is just as determined to convince him otherwise, but when strange things occur, Morgan begins to wonder if there’s more to this eccentric hotel than he thought.


From the creator of Dead Serious comes this hilarious grumpy/sunshine spin off which will leave you wanting to book your own room at The Ashton-Drake Manor House Hotel.

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