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Crawshanks Guide to the Recently Departed

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Nominated in category

  • Best Paranormal (2022)

It’s been over six months since a freak accident left pathologist Tristan Everett able to see ghosts, something he has yet to confess to his boyfriend. Instead, he now has a new calling… help the dead resolve their unfinished business so they can pass into the light, sounds simple right?


When the spirit of a sweet old lady suffering from Alzheimers follows him home he has no idea how to help her. When he finds out she’s been murdered by arsenic poisoning, he once again finds himself tangled up in a murder investigation.

For Inspector Danny Hayes of New Scotland Yard, life couldn’t be better. After moving to London and meeting Tristan he’s ready to move their relationship to the next level, but something weird is going on with Tristan, he’s acting very strangely and with a killer on the loose he’s not taking any chances. He’s determined to discover whatever it is Tristan’s hiding from him.

Surrounded by a bunch of potentially murderous old ladies and aided by his sidekick, deceased drag queen and spirit guide in training, Dusty, Tristan must unravel the mystery of Mrs Delores Abernathy’s unfinished business and find the courage to share his deepest secret with the man he loves.

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Available in ebook, Kindle Unlimited & AudioBook 
Paperbacks available in Standard Print, Dyslexia Friendly & Large Print

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Dead Serious#2 Dyslexia Friendly Paperback Mock Up.png
Dead Serious#2 Paperback Mock Up.png
Standard Print Edition
Dyslexia Friendly Edition
Large Print



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