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Crawshanks Guide to the Recently Departed

Nominated in category

  • Best Humorous (2023)

Dead Serious, Just the Extras Vol. 1 includes the following bonus shorts:

Made in Heaven
Dusty’s time on earth is done, but she’s not ready to let go. Settling into heaven is nothing like expected and she finds she has a very important choice to make.

The Three Ghosts of Christmas
Danny and Tristan's first Christmas brings a surprise for Tristan in the form of three ghosts, and he begins to realise his gift of seeing spirits might not be a freak accident after all.

El Dia del Amor
Dusty’s feeling displaced and lonely until her ghostly hook-up Bruce takes her to the land of the dead to celebrate The Day of Love, and she begins to realise that being dead might not be so bad after all.

Danny, Meet Death
Danny has a rather surreal experience when he is shown just what life is like for Tristan being able to see the spirits of the dead.

The Double Date 
When Tristan invites local Witch, Harrison to dinner to say thank you for helping him, and Danny invites his friend and private investigator, Sam to dinner to celebrate the birthday he’s trying to ignore, they inadvertently end up on an accidental double date.

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Available in ebook & Kindle Unlimited
Paperbacks available in Standard Print, Dyslexia Friendly & Large Print

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Standard Print Edition
Dyslexia Friendly Edition


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