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Hi There!

I’m Vawn Cassidy, welcome to my not so secret lair! I write MM Romance and I love all things spooky and supernatural. Ive created fantastical realities filled with sassy ghosts, witches and demons. Ive also taken readers on a wild journey through the dangerous streets of Victorian London to the secret Molly houses and underground gay community. And for a little bit of a relaxing break I head to a little Cornish bay for some contemporary love stories.

I’m known especially for my mad world building skills and for creating unforgettable characters you’ll fall forever in love with. So feel free to step into my world and explore, but fair warning! Once you enter you may never want to leave!

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  • Contemporary

  • Low Angst

  • Heat & Humor

  • Set in a Cornish Bay

  • First Time/Sexual Awakening

  • Friends to Lovers/Second Chance

Belong to Me

Dead Serious

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  • Paranormal

  • Mystery

  • Dark Comedy

  • Found Family

  • Snarky Dead Drag Queen

  • Adorably Awkward Pathologist

  • Sexy Scotland Yard Detective

  • Unfinished Business...

London Underside

  • Historical with a Supernatural Twist

  • Mystery

  • Victorian Gothic

  • Forbidden Love

  • Class Difference

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The Vawn Verse.png


  • Paranormal

  • Grumpy/Sunshine

  • Silver Fox

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© 2022 Vawn Cassidy. All Rights Reserved.

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